No need to fear the internet of things or the fourth revolution

If you know your history reasonably well, you will be familiar with the Industrial Revolution. This is the era around the middle of the nineteenth century that saw industry truly take off. In the place of horses and carts came steam engines. In the place of ships with sails came steam boats, and so on and so forth. In the next century the automobile took prominence, and before you knew it, men could fly. Since the first industrial revolution and now jumping over a hundred years, most men have been quite scared of these progressive developments.

What happened is that new technologies threatened to take away their existing jobs. It is a difficult situation, telling a man who has been doing the same job in the same fashion with the same tools that he now has to go. This is especially the case if he loved his job and it was his one and only form of livelihood. Today, arguments are still being put forward in online spaces such as that we all have nothing to fear where the new fourth revolution, as it is being called, is concerned.

The argument goes that all we need to do is to embrace the new revolution and embrace the new philosophy, a quite a broad term, it must be added, of the internet of things. Well, try telling that to a coal miner who only knew his pick, shovel and barrow. Tell him that his services are no longer required now that solar power, wind energy and all other clean non-renewable technologies are available to power our lives with.

It will be difficult to teach an old dog new tricks, but the point is that we all need to, and can, learn the new technologies in place.